When I am not catnapping or filling my belly with delicious food, I like to keep myself busy with all sorts of activities. I love cooking (especially as it helps me fill my belly), being artistic, as well as taking part in different kinds of investigations.

If, like me, you want to try different activities, here are some inspired by my stories. Every two weeks, to go with my new story, there will be lots more for you to do. I hope you enjoy them!

I would love to see your results!

Send in pictures to so that I can display them in my gallery. To say thank you, I have stickers and badges to send to all you creative kids out there.

An Archimedes Screw, a type of pump, is named after the great inventor and mathematician Archimedes, who lived in Ancient Greece. His work is so important it is still used today!

Why not build your own marble run in a screw shape? You can have hours of fun playing with it!

Fancy something different? Why not try a yummy, creamy cream and pasta sauce?

This simple chunky tomato sauce is bursting with flavour. It is a great base and you can experiment by adding all sorts of flavours to it.

This fresh tomato pasta sauce doesn’t need any cooking. It is fast, fresh and delicious. Purrfect for a warm sunny day!

Fresh pesto is even better than jarred, so worth trying to make. It lasts in the fridge for up to a week.

Fusilli is a type of pasta formed into short screw shapes. Purrfect to save you from hunger, just like the screw did in Tiikat’s story (though he didn’t eat that screw of course!)

Juices and smoothies are fun to make and taste delicious at any time of the day. Here are some of our favourite smoothies to make for a burst of fruity goodness.

Did you know you could turn potatoes into delicious screws? These scrumptious potatoes are purrfect for accompanying a main meal or for eating alone dipped into a dipping sauce.

These cracking crackers are easy to make and can be topped with your choice of seeds, herbs or spices. Purrfect!

Screws have so many uses. They’re great for attaching one thing to another, they keep things secure and now they’re going to be used to hang our neckerchiefs (or anything else you want hung of course)!

Have you noticed just how many portraits are made with paints and brushes? They are, of course, great, but there are other ways! Like with screws and other metallic materials. Sounds strange but they look great and are easy to do!