Making a Den

You can make a den out of almost anything! Use what you have…

You can set up your den outside or inside.

Anywhere is a perfect place for a den!

All you need is some fabric and something to support it.

Tip: See what items you have in your house that could be used to support a fabric roof.

Maybe a parasol and base like we have, or perhaps a hat stand or clothes horse.

 Even four chairs can make an excellent support structure for a den!  Have a walk around your house and see what you have (always get permission to use things first).

If you have a sturdy washing line outside that might be a good place to start like we did.

Tip: Clips, such as bulldog clips or ones for a washing line can be very useful tools in den making. You can use them to attach 2 pieces of fabric together or to attach fabric to a washing line, or something similar.

Decorate it!

Once you have the basic structure, make it homely!

You could use things like fairy lights, cushions, blankets, toys, teddies and books.

You can use pegs to clip pictures up to the walls and front of the den, or rest framed pictures on the floor.

If you have any party bunting that can make a den look extra special!

Make a sign

If you want people to know whose den it is, or what it is for you can make a sign. Decorate your sign however you want, get creative!

Golf Ball Trick

This trick is great for attaching two pieces of fabric together securely without making any holes! It can also be used to attach one piece of material to something high up without making holes. With this you can turn a few sheets and blankets into a huge piece of fabric ready to become the roof of your den!

To attach two materials together:

  1. Find several golf balls or other items of similar size. This also works with 2p coins! How many you need will depend on how many sheets you’re attaching.

    You will need at least one for each corner, although we recommend using a further one in the middle of each side.

    You will also need string and scissors.

  2. Layer the two pieces of fabric you wish to attach next to each other side by side, then pull one over the top of the other, with about 10 cm (4 inches) overlapping.
  3. Place your golf ball (or other object) underneath the layered fabrics at the first point where you would like to fasten them together. It is usually best to start with the bottom corner.
  4. Wrap both pieces of fabrics around the golf ball tightly and fasten by wrapping string around it at least 5 times and tying it tightly.
  5. Repeat this trick at other points along the side you are attaching together. You will need it to be secured on both corners and at least once in the middle.

To attach a piece of fabric to a wall or tree:

This is useful if you have a wall or tall structure like a tree in your garden which could offer a high up place to lift the roof of your den. If using a wall it will need to have something sturdy attached to it which can hold the weight of the fabric, see if you can find a hook or something similar. 

  1. Find a golf ball or similar sized item. You will also need string and scissors.
  2. Place it underneath your fabric where you would like to attach it to the wall or tree. Make sure there is enough space between the ball and edge of fabric so that it can be fully covered.
  3. Wrap the fabric around the ball
  4. Secure with string tightly wound around the base and tie off but don’t cut, leaving lots of excess string.
  5. Now take the end of your string and tie it to the wall hook or tree.

You can adjust the height of your fabric by pulling the string, or loosen it to make it more slack.

Tip: If you have a tent that would make a purrfect base for a den!

You don’t even need to put it up outside, it would be equally good inside the house!

Tip: Why not make some dens for your cuddly toys or characters from books you have read?

Here is one for Carlota Camundongo. A fancy mouse like her needs a fancy den!

Nagano needs a den too. This ninja squirrel’s den is up a tree: just right for a superstar climber!

Nighttime Magic

Your den can be a great place to get cosy in once the sun goes down!

You never know who might visit you in your den!