Tiikat Drawing

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This section is all about getting to know Tiikat and what better way to get to know this fine feline than drawing his picture? Follow this step by step guide to create your very own Tiikat portrait.

Hint – You could actually use this guide to draw any cat you like. But shhh, don’t let Tiikat find out!

PS. Before you get started… you may like to check out the video at the bottom of the page by clicking here

Difficulty Level:

What you need:


  1. Draw around one of your circular objects with a pencil. This circle will be the size of Tiikat’s body, so bear that in mind when you’re choosing which size!
  2. Using a smaller circular object as the template, draw another circle for Tiikat’s head.
  3. Draw in Tiikat’s neck and some little feet.
  1. Add in Tiikat’s face and ears. Don’t forget whiskers!

    Tip – You can draw an upside down triangle for the nose, and bigger triangles for the ear.
  2. Using a ruler, draw 4 parallel lines, straight up and down, which will become Tiikat’s legs.
  3. Add in Tiikat’s toes to the bottom of the four lines.
  1. If you want you can make the top of Tiikat’s body look less round (up to you!). To do this, draw two curved lines going the other way to the outer circle (inward). Then rub out the old lines.
  2. Next add in Tiikat’s tail. It runs along the outside of the body circle and then comes to a rounded point almost at his face. You could make it even longer (as long as you want!) because Tiikat does have an unusually long tail…
  3. Add in Tiikat’s fur markings. He has, for example. a double diamond shape on his forehead and some markings along the sides of his body and tail.
  1. Tiikat is busy having a lot of fun and adventures, so his fur is often a bit scruffy looking. Add in some fur tufts around his face, body and tail.

    Optional additional steps –

  2. You can draw around the edges of the whole picture using a black pen so that Tiikat really stands out.
  3. You could colour Tiikat in using pencils, paints, crayons or anything else you may have that makes colour appear!

    Make sure you write Tiikat’s name at the top of the drawing! He’ll be ever so pleased.

Need a little extra help...

Why not watch the video?

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Further Activities

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What different Tiikat’s can you draw?

We’d love to see what you come up with!