Screw Portraits

Remember those neckerchiefs that tiikat loves oh so much? Well they need a home of their own to keep them safe!

Screws have so many uses. They’re great for attaching one thing to another, they keep things secure and now they’re going to be used to hang our neckerchiefs (or anything else you want hung of course)!

For this activity you may need the help of an adult with a drill. I’m sure if you tell them how useful screws are they’ll be queuing up to help!


Difficulty Level:

2 paintbrushes

What you need:


Screw Hanger

  1. Get your piece of wood. Hint: You may want to draw dots onto the wood, to help guide you where you want to put the screws in. You can have them in a straight line, or a more rustic look by having them more sporadically placed.
  2. Drill your screws in. If you don’t have a drill then use a hammer and nail to create a guide point, then screw your screws into the point, pressing hard down so they go in.

    Tip 1: The screws could all be matching or you could use lots of different kinds like I have.

    Tip 2: You can also put a screw in both of the top corners of the plank which will be used to hang the plank to the wall. If you would rather you could drill a hole in the corners instead.

  3. Attach a chain or strong string to the top two screws (or holes) which will be used to hang your screw hanger.

    Tip: You could paint your screws if you wish! Metal paint will stick best, but you could try mixing pva glue and poster paint too.

Find the perfect spot and place the screw hanger! This might be in a window , your room or a corridor. Don’t forget to put the neckerchiefs on if you have made some. Your screw hanger would also be perfect for hanging medals, necklaces, ties and more!

Hint – you could choose to place your hanger somewhere it will remind you to wear a neckerchief like by your front door!

Door Knob Hanger

For this hanger we’ve used screw-in knobs bought from a hardware shop. These have screws attached to their bottom!

  1. Attach the screws from your door knobs to the wood. First you will probably need to make a small hole in the plank (using a drill or hammer and nail) where the knob will be screwed in. Hint: You may want to use a ruler to mark out where to put the knobs so they are in a straight line (if you want them to be).
  2. Finish screwing the knobs into the holes.
  3. Then add some screw in hooks or screws (as with the screw hanger) to the top right corners.


  1. Now you can paint your hanger! You can paint it free hand or, using a pencil, draw a design first to use as a guide.
  2. Finish painting it and let it dry.
  3. Connect your chain or string to the hanging screws in the wood and hang your hanger from a hook on the wall.
  4. If you would prefer you could drill in two small holes to the top corners and nail it to the wall like we have for our final image.

Your hanger would be perfect for displaying any neckerchiefs you have made, or you could use it to hang other things like jewellery, hats or scarves!