Flappy Fantasy Home

We are going to use all our skills as designers and architects and design our own dream home – with windows to see inside!

Have you always dreamed of living in a castle? Or maybe underground?

Maybe you’ve even dreamed of living in space!

Well now it is time to choose what your favourite place to live in in the world would be, and what you would put inside!


Difficulty Level:

What you need:


  1. Draw your dream home! Take your time and think about everything you would want! Turrets? A moat? A space station? It is up to you – just make sure you draw in some windows so we can see inside later. We recommend drawing in pencil so you can change things easily, then going over the lines in black pen when you are done.

    Tip: You could try copying a building you have seen in a book if you want.
  2. Colour in your home, this is a dream house so it can be as colourful as you like!
  3. You might want to add some paints like watercolours or acrylics.
  1. Cut out your home.
  2. Cut three of the four sides to your windows out so that they can flap out like the ones in the picture.
  3. Place your home onto the other piece of paper or card (without glueing) and gently draw its outline and where your windows are. Remove the house drawing and put to the side.
  1. Draw some of the interior of your home into the window spaces you have marked out. You might want to add a library, a disco room, an observatory or a cinema…whatever you like!
  2. Colour in the background outside the lines of the house too, maybe a bit of garden and some sky like we did here.
  3. Glue or tape your house back onto the back sheet.
  4. Voila! Your dream home is ready to be viewed by other dreamers out there!