Cat Origami

Get your paws at the ready! We are about to create a puurrfect origami cat face…

Did you know – It’s not just cats that have baby kittens. The babies of rabbits, squirrels, skunks, rats, foxes, hedgehogs & beavers are all called kittens!

PS. Before you get started… you may like to check out the video at the bottom of the page by clicking here

Difficulty Level:

What you need:


First we need to make a perfectly square piece of paper.

If you already have one, move onto step 4 now!
If you don’t, you can cut one out of a4 paper following steps 1-3

  1. Fold the bottom right corner of your a4 paper up so that it meets the other side perfectly and press down on the new edge. It should create a triangle shape.
  2. Fold down the leftover top rectangle, make sure the crease is right next to the top of the triangle!
  3. Unfold the paper and cut where you made the second crease (the one from step 2, not the diagonal one).
  1. You will end up with one square and one rectangle piece of paper. Put the rectangle to one side, we won’t be using it on this task.

    Here’s an idea – why not design a bookmark out of the offcut rectangle?
  2. Turn your square 90 degrees clockwise , so that it looks like a diamond.
  3. Fold up the bottom corner to meet the top, making a triangle shape.
  1. Take the right corner over to the left and push down making a new crease.
  2. Unfold the last step to reveal the new crease, perfectly in the central line of the triangle. We’ve marked ours with dots to make it more obvious but you don’t need to!
  3. Fold the bottom right corner upwards, making sure the point at the bottom is at the end of the new crease you made. Angle it to the right of the centre, so that it doesn’t stick straight up.
  1. Repeat with the left hand side, trying your best to match the angle from the right. You have just folded the ears of the cat face!
  2. Make a small fold in the bottom point to make the chin less pointy.
  3. Fold in the points at the side a little to round the face.
  1. Flip the face over. You can now choose to either fold the triangle handing down back so that you can’t see it, or keep it and you can have a spikey cat! We have chosen to fold it down.

    Here’s an idea: You could even cut the triangle into a spikey hairdo!
  2. Turn the cat back around so the folded triangle is at the back.
  3. Now draw on your cat’s face. Don’t forget the whiskers!

    You can make smaller or bigger cats! All you have to do is start off with a smaller or bigger square. We’ve given our kitty some kittens to play with.

Need a little extra help...

Why not watch the video?

Hint: You can also find more videos on our Video page here.

Further Activities

Try making this cat face with different coloured papers, and papers with different things on the front and back and see what happens!