Boat Picture (with opening windows)

Have you ever dreamed of travelling the world in a beautiful boat? Or maybe a huge ocean liner? Now’s the time to think about what your perfect boat would look like on the outside and inside!

It could be any type of boat, from a massive cruise liner, majestic sailing boat, funky canal houseboat or even a viking longship!


Difficulty Level:

1 paintbrush

What you need:


  1. On a piece of paper or thin card draw your perfect boat. Make sure you add in windows on it so we can use them to glimpse inside the boat later.

    Hint: It’s a good idea to draw with pencil until you are happy with it. Then use a fine black pen to go over the outline.
  2. Cut out your boat.
  3. Cut out around ¾ (or 3 sides) of each window, leaving one side connected. These will be your window flaps.
  1. Place your boat onto another piece of plain paper or card. With a pencil lightly draw around the edges of the boat and around the inside of the windows.
  2. Remove the top boat. On the bottom paper or card you should now have an outline of the boat and pencil outlines of windows.
  3. Inside the windows drawn on the bottom paper/card, draw what you think you would you would see behind the windows on your boat. We’ve drawn some happy cats doing their favourite activities! Colour in your window drawings.
  1. On the same piece of paper colour or paint in the background around the boat. You may also want to add more detail to the background, like a desert island, bird or planes flying in the sky and all sorts of creatures in the water.

    Hint: You can draw over your boat outline, just leaving the windows, if it makes it easier for you, as long as you can still see the outline. 
  2. Go back to your cut out  boat and colour/paint this in, whichever colours you like!
  3. Glue your boat to the background sheet, making sure you line up the windows with the background sheet.
  4.  Check out your boat with closed or open windows!