Smoothie Labels

Tiikat gets through a lot of strawberry juice when he is saved by the screw. In fact, he loves juice and smoothies. Why not invent your own, or try one of the recipes in Tii-time Treats?

Any delicious smoothies you’ve made are going to be needing some equally smooth labels!

You can still create a smoothie or juice label even if you haven’t made the drink yourself. Why not stick it onto some shop bought fruity drink, or just up an imaginary smoothie idea? It doesn’t even need to include real ingredients. Who fancies an Unbelievable Unicorn Tear Smoothie?


Difficulty Level:

1 paintbrush

What you need:


For this you might have some sticky labels already but if not – NEVER FEAR – you can use some paper or card like we have.

What should I put on my label?

  • Make sure your label has a name or title. For our first one we used ‘Strawberry Surprise’ as a name.

    Hint: Did you know that when you use two words with the same starting letter it is called “alliteration”? Lots of famous writers and poets use this technique to make things more fun and interesting. Why don’t you try it? Think of one of your main ingredients and then try to add another word or two using alliteration. We hope you have a “Brilliant Bonanza” doing it!

  • Lots of fancy documents have borders around the edges, try adding one in!
  • You’re definitely going to want some drawings of what you put inside to remind you, or let everyone else know.
  • Don’t forget to add colour. The brighter the better!

Now stick your label onto a bottle, if you are using one, and enjoy your super fancy looking smoothie!