House Mask

“There’s no place like home.”

Despite having such an important job, homes have long been left out of the world of mask making! Tiikat has decided enough is enough and it is high time we celebrate our homes by wearing them on our faces, just like we do tigers, elephants and Batman.



Difficulty Level:

1.5 paintbrushes

What you need:


  1. Using a ruler and a pencil draw the rectangular outline of your house on your card. Ours was 25cm on two of the sides and 18cm on the smaller sides.

    We marked out triangles, 3cm in from the top corners, for the roof.

    If you can fit it, draw a chimney coming out of the top of the roof. If not you can add one in Step 3, don’t worry!
  2. Cut out the house shape then add in eye and nose holes. Tip: Hold the card up to your face to work out where to put the holes.
  3. If you didn’t have space to add the chimney before you can now tape a small rectangle of card to the top of the house to be the chimney. Tape it on both sides!
  1. Now you have your whole house cut out and ready you can paint! We went with a brick red colour, although you could experiment with different colours. Wait for it to dry.
  2. Once the red paint is dry you can add more detail. Using two different colours of paint, add in all the bricks, doors and windows. We used yellow for the bricks and black to draw the outlines of the door and windows.
  3. Once the second layer paint is dry use a pencil or hole punch, create two holes for your ribbon at the sides. These should be just above the eye holes and a few centimetres towards the sides of the house.
  1. Carefully shape your cotton wool to look like smoke by pulling it and twisting it. Stick this on to the top of your chimney with glue.You can add some black/grey/white paint to it, to make it even more smoky!
  2. Thread a long piece of ribbon (or string/elastic) through the two holes above the eyes. We used red ribbon as it went well with our house.
  3. You could add a tree. We used card for the bark and cotton wool painted green for the leaves.

    You can now wear your mask!

Further Activities

Not all houses are like these houses. Try using similar steps to create a bungalow, or a caravan or a castle, for example. We chose to make a castle mask!

Tip: if you use glitter, like we did, use eco glitter if you can!